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This site is about mine and my wife, Joan's travels. The site is under construction and is being updated frequently. Currently we are adding photos from our recent trip to Europe in October 2017.

The various galleries are listed on the right. In the two highlight galleries we have attached descriptions to all of the photos. However my spelling is poor to say the least. Joan will be updating the spelling and grammar as we move forward.

The plan is to complete uploading Galleries until all almost 2000 photos are on the sit. Then we work on posting a few videos we took. Next we will write artilces on various parts of our trip.

Moving forward we will make the site prettier and include past trips. We will add future trips as the happen. We hope ypou enjoy the site.

Mark & Joan

Travel Articles

Eating in Italy

Eating in Italy

Italians make eating the art, not the food. Unlike the modern trend in America, Italians don’t eat with their eyes. According to a Florentine, if served a dish with fancy drizzles and garnishes they will ask “What’s the matter? Continue Reading