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Italy Album


Altopacio, Italy. My grandfather;s hometown

Ponte Bugganise

My grandmother's home town

Eating in Italy

The restaurants and dinners we enjoyed while traveling in Italy. There are also images from the Central Market from our Fodies Tour.

Travel in Italy

Traveling Italy by plane and train


The city of Lucca, Italy. The churches we visited are in a different gallery

Villa Guinigi Museum

The Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi is the main art museum hosting the pre-modern art collections owned by the city of Lucca, Italy. The museum is located in a refurbished villa completed in 1418 for Paolo Guinigi, ruler of Lucca until 1430.

Cathedral of St Martin

Cattedrale di San Martino is a Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint Martin in Lucca, Italy. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Lucca. Construction was begun in 1063 by Bishop Anselm (later Pope Alexander II).

St Giovanni e Reparta

Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Reparata, is the original cathedral from the IV century and now hosting an important archaeological area.

Basilica of San Frediano

The Basilica of San Frediano is a Romanesque church in Lucca, Italy, situated on the Piazza San Frediano. It was begun in the sixth century

Pfanner Plazzo

With its grassy lawns, ornamental blossoms, tall shrubs and lemon-trees in large earthenware pots interspersed among the monumental rows of eighteenth-century statues, the garden of Palazzo Pfanner represents a valuable example of a baroque garden set in the heart of the mediaeval town of Lucca. The part of Palazzo Pfanner that is currently open to the public includes the large central hall and numerous other rooms containing antique furniture and furnishings.

St Michael the Archangel

San Michele in Foro is a Roman Catholic basilica church in Lucca,, built over the ancient Roman forum. Until 1370 it was the seat of the Consiglio Maggiore (Major Council), the commune's most important assembly. It is dedicated to Archangel Michael.


The city of Pisa, Italy. This includes the Field of Miracles. The location of the famous leaning tower of Pisa


Birth of the Renascence. Home to Michelangelo, Galileo, Medeci and other great thinkers

Churches in Florence

Duomo - Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore & Santa Maria Novella

David at the Accademia

At the Accademia Gallery, you can admire from a short distance the perfection of the most famous statue in Florence and, perhaps, in all the world: Michelangelo’s David.